The fifth edition of WOS Festival x SON Estrella Galicia takes its final stretch, reiterating its firm will to present in Santiago de Compostela and Galicia artistic forms around electronic music and exploration supported by the resounding recognition of the public and the press outside our borders. The festival emphasizes among its objectives to offer a cultural and artistic alternative in which to discover and enjoy unique experiences in very special contexts and limited audiences. Artists highlighted by the critics in the last two years, from origins such as Egypt, Sri Lanka, Japan, Israel, Hungary, Serbia, Brazil, Germany, United States or France, will meet in Santiago de Compostela.

Among the 34 activities contemplated by now in the program, to which some could still be added, there are four subprograms:

WOS CINEMA X NUMAX, sponsored by Gadis, will screen three films, two of them premieres in Spain: the Argentinean film “El Ruido Son Las Casas”, on the creation of experimental music in Buenos Aires, and the expected “Milford Graves Full Mantis”, a filmed portrait of the famous percussionist Milford Graves, co-directed by Neil Young. The Cinema program is completed by the celebrated documentary “The Public Image Is Rotten”, about the Public Image Ltd. (PiL) group formed by John Lydon (Johnny Rotten) at the end of The Sex Pistols in 1978: a corporation that has been experimenting with music and its representation in the media for more than 30 years. The projections in NUMAX require the acquisition of an independent ticket, although for people with a Premium wristband it is possible to enjoy a special discount.

WOS ENCONTROS, with the support of Fest Galicia, Cidade da Cultura and the Galician Center for Contemporary Art – CGAC, the subprogram includes six discussion tables with two dozen guests: a session about new media, another about innovation and sustainability in festivals, another reflecting on cultural policies, a fifth analyzing the current state of electronic music in Spain, and a meeting with the artist Peter ‘Sonic Boom’ Kember, founder of Spacemen 3. All of them are free access until full capacity is reached.

WOS SHOWCASE X JÄGERMUSIC, that will fill music Thursday night at the headquarters of the SGAE Foundation with the very young RRUCCULLA, Territoire, presenting ‘Alix’ (Humo, 2018) and revered Spectrum.

WOS CLUBBING X RED BULL MUSIC, that will take to Sala Malatesta in the early morning of Friday and Saturday six exceptional proposals of dance music: the North American Laurel Halo, Gábor Lázár presenting ‘Unfold’ with a live A/V show premiered just a couple of weeks ago in Berlin Atonal, the newyorker Ron MorelliJASSSbroken rythims and the Galician Death Whistle.

The festival has also added to its lineup the Japanese Tomoko Sauvage, who will perform in the Igrexa da Universidade with her fragile and captivating acoustic carnatic from bowls, water and underwater microphones, and the Galician Russinha, specialist in black rhythms of Brazilian, Angolan or Cape Verdean origin and who will be at the Mercado de Abastos on Saturday at noon.

All schedules will be published in the next days. Premium (5 days), Weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and single-day tickets are already on sale in this website’s ticket shop and in three selected physical stores.


The eight names added WOS Festival x SON Estrella Galicia’s line up continue to demonstrate its will to present in Santiago de Compostela and Galicia art forms revolving electronic music and exploration. One more year, the eleven stages that frame the proposals of this indoor festival will include a 18th century church, the terrace of a 17th century urban palace, a Contemporary Art museum, a farmers market, and other exceptional locations. With this announcement the festival nearly closes this edition’s lineup, although some new names are still expected, in addition to the communication in the coming days of the film and panels programs.

‘Continuum’ is considered one of the most emblematic works of sound artist and explorer Paul Jebanasam: an impressive and overflowing piece in which the compositions express forces of the universe and life, from the complexity of celestial events to the behavior of cells. He will be accompanied by visual artist Tarik Barri, one of the most requested and celebrated of the current electronic scene. The performance, acclaimed at festivals throughout the world, requires a deep listening, building a show that immerses and disorients, and in which sound and light drag the audience into an experience difficult to describe with words.

Among the eight new names that join the sound lineup, we find setting fire to Saturday night The Bug feat. Miss Red, an apocalyptic and incendiary combo in the orbit of Ninja Tune formed by the dj and producer Kevin Martin and the MC Sharon Stern. Martin, collaborator of Godflesh, Techno Animal, My Bloody Valentine, El-P, Death Grips, Grouper, Nine Inch Nails or John Zorn, to name a few, unleashes in his sets authentic dancehall, grime, hip-hop and dub-noise earthquakes. He will be accompanied at the WOS Festival x SON Estrella Galicia by the Israeli MC Miss Red, considered by many to be one of the revelation artists of recent years. The artist will take the opportunity to present in Galicia her first LP “K.O.”, produced by The Bug and which has surrendered instantly media like Quietus, Mojo, Uncut or The Observer.

One of the highlights of the edition is the Hungarian artist Gábor Lázár, author since his debut in 2013 of five LPs that have been featured in the lists of the best albums and revelation artists of the year by Rolling Stone or Resident Advisor and surrendered NTS, The Guardian or The Quietus. His tracks are repeatedly played by geniuses such as Aphex Twin, and have earned him the consideration of “the future of electronic music”. In May 2018 Gábor published ‘Unfold’, an expedition to the confines of the 2-step and dub techno that has established him as one of the leading voices of avantgarde electronic music of today.

For its part, the recognition and fame of the unusual Japanese duo Group A is in an unstoppable rise. Their impressive performances, of important performative component, constitute a substantial part of their work and an experience out of the ordinary. The duo gathers admiration and respect, sharing scenarios with Merzbow, Nisennenmondai or Melt Banana. Their discography, like their record for Mannequin Records, ’12 “EP ‘(2017) or his recently released’ Circulation ‘(Kashual Plastik, August 2018) echoes to Throbbing Gristle or Cabaret Voltaire.

The festival will also feature the sound performance 100 Keyboards, created by the artist Asuna Arashi. Despite being considered a young talent of sound art and the Japanese avant-garde, Arashi’s career goes back to the 90’s. A pioneer and key figure in the ambient, drone and experimental scene of Tokyo, Asuna has published numerous record references on labels around the world. In recent years his work has focused on performance and installations, especially on the border that blurs the division between art and music. Arashi explores in this work the physical and psychological effects induced by the different depths of sound that are part of the geography of a space.

The long years of study and dedication of the cellist Lucy Railton, also founder and co-director of the London Contemporary Music Festival (LCMF), has equipped her with techniques and unbeatable skills to test and explore the limits of composition and interpretation with her instrument. Her work sinks and shines in an experimental mist, alternating between acoustic chaos and moments of lucidity.

For its part, the project of the Greek descent artist Christina Vantzou and the American John Also Bennett, CV & JAB, will present their album “Thoughts of a Dot as It Travels to Surface”, a collection of vibrations, abstract strings and recordings of field based on a 90 meter long mural made by the plastic artist Zin Taylor.

Finally, the very young RRUCCULLA, also known as Izaskun, is barely over 20 and keeps leaving open mouths with her work. Her electronic and experimental drums bring to mind Tortoise, Battles, Four Tet or Flying Lotus, with a stop at avant-garde jazz, dubstep or hip hop. Difficult to see live, last year we missed her as she had to cancel her visit to WOS Festival x SON Estrella Galicia, and this year we expect her with twice the desire.


The annual event of the Galician producer WORK ON SUNDAY will take place between Wednesday 12th and Sunday 16th of September, with SON ESTRELLA GALICIA linking its name to the festival as the main sponsor. Weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and Premium (which give access to the five days of the festival) passes can be purchased at the online ticket shop of this web and at three selected brick-and-mortar stores. Tickets for a single day will go on sale in the next few hours.


The eight names added to WOS Festival x SON Estrella Galicia fifth edition’s lineup continue to define the lines of their proposal. The festival is hosted in ten extraordinary stages that include a museum of Contemporary Art, a 18th century church or a 18th century urban palace, among others.

Laurel Halo is one of the great names of the electronics of the last decade. Compared sometimes with Laurie Anderson, she has been accumulating praise and recognition since the publication of her first album, Quarantine, was selected by Wire Magazine as the album of the year in 2012, and through festivals and reference clubs around the world. Her third LP Dust (Hyperdub, 2017) has been celebrated by media such as The Guardian and Resident Advisor. The artist has just published her latest work a few days ago, the EP Raw Silk Uncut Wood (Latency, 2018).

Another artist who tops the list of new names added to the poster of the Compostela appointment is Spectrum, project of the ex-Spaceman 3 Peter Kember. The British artist, a cult figure in music through various formations since the late 80s, has collaborated with names such as My Bloody Valentine, Silver Apples or Kevin Martin from Techno Animal among others.

WOS Festival x SON Estrella Galicia hosts Abul Mogard‘s first concert in Spain. A figure as mysterious as praised, Mogard is conjectured to be a Serbian steel worker who began his artistic career after his retirement. The ecstatic beauty of his work has been celebrated in Berlin Atonal or by The Quietus as one of the great composers of ambient drone of recent times. His live will be accompanied by the visuals of the Brazilian artist based in London Marja de Sanctis.

The producer and DJ Ron Morelli, head of the New York label L.I.E.S. Records, will arrive at WOS Festival x SON Estrella Galicia with his new album at Hospital Productions (Merzbow, Prurient or Godflesh among others) just released. In his role as a DJ, Morelli moves through techno, house or even disco, always ahead of the expectations generated by the fame that precedes him.

Rapper Oddisee has accumulated 37 references in his almost fifteen years career. Loyal to the East Coast style of A Tribe Called Quest or De La Soul, his sound is wrapped in jazzy and danceable cadences, and his lyrics do not speak of drugs, violence and money, but rather approach with wisdom and honesty topics such as racism or islamophobia. His latest album, The Iceberg (Mello Music Group, 2017) is a call to his listeners to delve into topics such as race, politics, wealth and religion.

Ahwar, the debut album released at the end of 2017 by the young Egyptian Nadah El Shazly, has earned its author to be considered one of the revelation artists by the specialized press, cover of Wire Magazine included. Jazz, electronic experimentation and Arabic maqam (the system of melodic modes used in traditional Arabic music), make up the sound palette of this artist, part of a new generation of musicians that is renewing the Arab musical ideology from experimentation with the traditional melodies and scales.

For its part, the exploratory free jazz trio Sumrrá, with almost 20 years of experience, six albums released, and hundreds of concerts around the world behind them, present in premiere with an unique concert at WOS Festival x SON Estrella Galicia their new album, released again by the New York label Clermont Music. “Sumrrá 6 Mulleres” pays tribute to six powerful women: Frida Kahlo, Rosa Parks, Rosalia de Castro, Qiu Jin, Malala Yousafsai and Nawal El-Saadawi. For the occasion they have conceived live AV show with visuals by Laura Iturralde accompanying the music that makes up the album.

And closing the list of new names the British The Evil Usses, a psychedelic-experimental quartet from Bristol praised for their overwhelmingly savage and energetic live shows, with a personal sound that is located somewhere between Captain Beefheart, Tortoise and Cardiacs.

These eight new names are added to the eight artists previously announced, and to which the organization will add others along the next weeks, as well as the lineup of parallel film, talks and meetings programs. The annual event of the producer WORK ON SUNDAY will take place between Wednesday 12th and Sunday 16th September, with SON ESTRELLA GALICIA linking its name to the festival as the main sponsor. The Weekend and Premium tickets can be purchased online at the ticket shop of the web, and in three selected physical stores. The complete list of artists revealed by now may be checked at the lineup section.



The first names for the fifth edition of WOS Festival x SON Estrella Galicia’s lineup accurately illuminate the lines of its proposal, framed in its will to present in Santiago de Compostela and Galicia exploratory proposals around electronic music and preceded by a resounding international recognition.

The German Kreidler, with more than 20 years behind them, are one of the prominent names of the announcement. With an unclassifiable mix of styles, neighbors and in part heirs of the sound of Kraftwerk or NEU! they have gained over the last two decades with their militancy and their transdisciplinary conception of art a place of honor in German avant-garde music. An extensive discography recorded in different parts of the world and a cult audience places the quartet as an indispensable band. They will be presenting their new album, ‘European Song’, recorded in a single day in January 2017 as a reaction to Donald Trump’s election.

Another gem of the release is the also German Skee Mask, whose first album catapulted him as one of last year’s revelation artists, and whose successor, the newly released ‘Compro’ (Ilian Tape, 2018), is in the pools for the best albums of 2018. The artist, who prefers to maintain his identity in anonymity, is considered by the specialized press as heir to the legacy of the classic Warp Records or Chain Reaction schools.

But probably the most revered figure among the first names of the program is Suso Saiz, pioneer of sound art, synthesizers, minimalism and experimental music in Spain. The work of the artist and producer, whose signature can be traced in hundreds of references and compositions, expands beyond music: museums, television, visuals, installations and all kinds of collaborations mark a risky, passionate and energetic trajectory. He will be presenting his latest work, ‘Rainworks’, edited last year on the Belgian label Music From Memory.

Also in the field of experimentalism and electronics, although in very different styles, we find American Christina Vantzou and Berlin based JASSS. The sound and audiovisual work of the artist of Greek descent Vantzou has been unanimously recognized and praised by specialized press such as The Quietus, who has received her new album ‘No. 4 ‘(Kranky, 2018) with excellent reviews and has led to avant-garde venues and festivals around the world.

For its part, JASSS, recently announced for Unsound 2018’s lineup, will be presenting her ‘Weightless’ (Ideal, 2017), a work that features artists such as Pan Daijing and which has been noted by Wire Magazine or Resident Advisor. Her proposal made of broken rhythms, field recordings and visual experimentations, is moved bluntly to the club, and has been executed in clubs such as Berghain or festivals such as Dekmantel, Mutek or Sónar.

The list of first confirmations is closed with the dark and powerful electronics of Galician Death Whistle and French Territoire, who will be presenting his conceptual album ‘Alix’ (Humo, 2018), as well as the turntables of the also Galician Barcelona-resident Abu Sou.

The annual appointment of WORK ON SUNDAY will take place this year between Wednesday 12th and Sunday 16th of September, with SON ESTRELLA GALICIA linking its name to the festival as the main sponsor. The organization will continue to reveal more names over the coming weeks for the poster, both sound and for parallel film programs, talks and meetings. Weekend and Premium passes can be purchased at the ticket shop, and soon in certain physical stores.


WOS reveals the dates of its fifth edition, which will fill Santiago de Compostela for five days once again with proposals centered around risk and exploration, contemporary art and dialogue between disciplines. WORK ON SUNDAY’s great annual event will take place this year from Wednesday 12th to Sunday 16th of September. This edition SON ESTRELLA GALICIA links its name to the festival as the main sponsor, confirming its commitment with avant-garde cultural expressions.

The organization will soon announce the first names for its 2018 lineup. Until then, and in limited to the first 100 units, Weekend and Premium early bird passes can be purchased at a special price at the ticket shop of our website.