Despite the exotic origin of the name of this new artistic project, Yugen Kala cast their sound message from the Galician Atlantic coast. Formed by two siblings who began crawling around their father’s recording studio, (sound engineer / music producer and owner of a concert hall), and having grown up among mixers, synths, instruments and other analogue paraphernalia, it is not surprising their early and enormous passion for music.

Avid listeners and attendants of festivals such as Sónar, MIRA, WOS, Semibreve or Sinsal, their first mixtapes cover a wide range of styles, within a dark electronics and arid geared polyrhythms. They immediately drew attention for their unconventional sound, some of them reaching number 1 on the Mixcloud platform charts, and in which Denzel Curry coexists with Sophie, Objekt, Overmono, Ploy or Sinjin Hawke.

In this convulsive 2020, the duo of brothers debuts with “Nothing Is Original”, an LP in which the most cerebral electronics converge with the most avant-garde sounds of the dance floor. Throughout its 14 tracks, you can appreciate the influence of bass and grime, with flashes of reminiscent sounds of labels such as Livity Sound, Hyperdub or Fractal Fantasy, among others.


[ SATURDAY 19th | 20:30 | XARDÍN DO TEATRO]