Xiselr is the new project by sound artist and experimental musician Xoán-Xil López, based on the use of drone sound textures interpreted with an electronic instrument made by himself, which proposes a reinterpretation of the zanfona while investigating new expressive possibilities of sound synthesis and electronic performance. From an contemporary point of view, Xiselr approaches the essence, rather than the form, of the Galician sound culture imaginary and a tradition in which the bourdons have an extensive presence. He will be at WOS presenting the work he is currently working on, ‘Non Uniform Circular Motion’, in which the sounds are generated entirely by a set of two instruments crafted by himself, making use of open hardware, a dynamo and multiple sensors. The title of the work makes reference to the concept of “eternal return” – repetition, change and recurrence – and the connection between certain sonorities of contemporary music and some pre-tonal musical practices.

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[ THURSDAY 12 | 22:00 | SGAE – ROOM 2 ]