SUSO SAIZ (live)

Avant-garde musician, composer and producer; considered a godfather of electronic music and experimentation in Spain, he is an imaginative and subtle guitarist, creator of unmistakable “hypnotics”. His tireless activity covers a wide spectrum of music and other disciplines, where the interrelation with the plastic arts and poetry occupy a prominent place.
He has published more than 20 albums; the most recent ones – “Odyssey” (2016), “Rainworks” (2017), “Nothing Is Objective” (2019) and “Between No Things” (2020) with Suzanne Kraft- all of them on the prestigious Dutch label Music From Memory-. In addition, he has participated in the production of more than 100 works, a career that has earned him both national and international recognition.

[ SATURDAY 19th | 22:00 | XARDÍN DO TEATRO ]