Suso Saiz (Cádiz, 1957) is one of the great names of the Spanish music industry, due in part to the fame that since 1990 he has been accumulating with his work as a producer for some of the gigantic names of the radio formula in Spain. But long before that, perhaps since his musical research led him to study composition with Luis de Pablo or his curiosity led him to attend in 1972 the performances by Steve Reich and John Cage in Pamplona, his name was called to be treasured as a founding stone, precursor of sound art, minimalist music, synthesizers and experimental music in Spain.

Saiz appears in the credits of more than two hundred albums, and has published under his solo name more than 20 albums, the most recent “Odisea” (2016) and “Rainworks” (2017), on the Dutch label Music From Memory. His signature can also be found as a composer for film and television, for chamber music, in an infinite list of collaborations, or under bands such as the Elenfante collective or Orquesta de las Nubes. However, Saiz’s activity expands beyond music and sound: his prolific production includes among other projects created in interrelation with theater, visual arts or poetry, installations, and works commissioned in collaboration with museums, architecture studios or chefs

Suso Saiz gives us this time a concert where he shows his wide sight as a guitar player, which together with electronics is used to create atmospheres and sonic textures of hypnotic beauty, forming an exquisite sonic universe often based on drones and loops that do not hide their early influences of American minimalism, moving also in a field close to that of outstanding musicians such as Brian Eno or Christian Fennesz.

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