With 18 years, 6 albums, and hundreds of concerts around the world behind them, Sumrrá are considered one of the new references of contemporary jazz, taking piano trio exploration and composition to its limits. Manuel Gutierrez on piano, Xacobe Martínez Antelo on double bass and LAR Legido on drums, Sumrrá, officially present at WOS Festival x SON Estrella Galicia with an unique and exclusive concert its sixth album, released by the New York label Clermont Music, with a manifestly feminist stance: “SUMRRÁ 6 MULLERES”. Compostela trio pays tribute in their new reference to six powerful women who constitute a source of inspiration in the struggle for a better future for all humanity: Frida Kahlo and Rosa Parks from America, Rosalíla de Castro from Galicia, Qiu Jin from China, Malala Yousafsai from Pakistan and Nawal He-Saadawi from Egypt. The album pays a tribute to the feminist struggle from the contemporary music of the XXI century made in Galicia. For this special occasion they will present an unique live video creation show accompanying the music with visuals by Laura Iturralde.

Scenographer, photographer, illuminator and videojockey, Laura Iturralde is a Senior Technician in Image, a Senior Technician in Advertising Graphics and a Graduate in Dramatic Art specialized in Set Design. She develops her professional activity in various fields, mostly related to performing arts, where she deals with the plastic and technical part as an illuminator, set designer and video creator. In recent years she has worked for different companies such as Xarope Tulú, Cía Prácido Domingo, Inversa Teatro, Cía Borja Fernández, La Apanadaría or IlMaquinario. As a videojockey she is part of the Trilitrate acoustic trio, the Nostoc duo along with Mateo Mena, and Corvax along with Xavier Núñez. She also collaborates with visuals for diverse bands such as Pálida, Cuarteto Caramuxo, Taller Atlántico Conemporáneo or Cró! In 2018 she won the María Casares prize for the best set design along with Montserrat Piñeiro for their work in Resaca, by IlMaquinario.

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Laura Iturralde



Doors open 20 minutes before the start of the show. No seat reservation. Access will be made in order of arrival until full capacity is reached.