Russinha is the musical project started by Marta Gilino, born in Compostela, after living in Portugal for a while. Feeling the lack of the black rhythms of the music from Brazil, Angola or Cape Verde led her to immerse herself in a wide range of musical styles, such as brazil, kuduro, funk, soul, afrobeat, jazz and electronica, with the will of making sessions that you dance and enjoy. Understanding music as a form of social transformation, of visibility of non-hegemonic groups and of struggle, she has the purpose of creating spaces free of prejudice, discrimination, harassment or any type of violence. She is part of different collectives of the city music scene, such as the group of feminist rap trap Mulheres na Batida and the Dj duo Côco Dança Estímulo. She is currently one of the resident DJs of O Pozo, in Santiago de Compostela.

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