‘Continuum’ is considered one of the most emblematic works of artist and sound experimenter Paul Jebanasam. Born in Sri Lanka, Jebanasam is considered one of the biggest international names in electronic experimentation, and co-directs, along with James Ginzburg and Roly Porter, Subtext Recordings. In ‘Continuum’, the author explores “the life, power and energy present in the universe” through an unclassifiable combination of ambient, metal, noise, contemporary classical music, sacred music, and modern composition. The result is an impressive work, overflowing with reverence, ecstasy and chaos, in which the compositions express from the complexity of celestial events to cellular behavior.

Accompanying him, visual artist Tarik Barri provides a window to a universe in which complex forms emerge, interact and collapse. The performance requires a deep listening, building a spectacle that submerges and disorients, and in which sound and light drag us from a distant point of the vast universe to our small corner. Resident Advisor has published about the piece: “I walked into this blind and came out speechless—Barri’s visual mapping of Jebanasam’s sonic timeline of the universe from primordial goo to fiery obliterated nothingness was more wonderful than I dare try and put into words.”

Born in Holland but raised in Saudi Arabia, Tarik Barri is one of the most requested and celebrated artists of the current electronic scene. His solo projects and his impressive live visuals for Radiohead, Thom Yorke, Monolake or Nicolas Jaar have been received by the critics with hearty enthusiasm. Formed in acoustic design and programming, the artist investigates how technologies for making music can be applied to the creation of moving images, using tools such as Max / MSP, Java or Supercollider to develop their own software, and looking for new synergies and aesthetics in the combination of image and sound. His videos, live audiovisual works and installations have been presented at competitions such as Ars Electronica, Club Transmediale, Berlin Atonal or MIT Media Lab.

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