It was March 1994 when four friends coming from other bands and previous artistic experiences, and regulars of Düsseldorf’s poetry and activist scenes, formed Kreidler. Considering themselves not only a musical group, but a collective that fluctuates between various artistic disciplines, they have accompanied their music from the beginning of their career with visual works and installations that, together with the influence of their precedents (Kraftwerk, NEU!), and their combination of electronic and analogue instruments, earned them throughout the 90s and 2000s the favor of the public, the critics, and a position of honor in the history of German avant-garde music. With more than 20 years behind them, in full creative maturity, the four of Düsseldorf had a new album recorded in Mexico ready to launch when, in January 2017, Donald Trump won the US elections. The band paralyzed the release, met immediately, and recorded in a single day a new album, raw, direct, brutalist, consisting of rough rhythms and hardly any arrangements. This new work, launched in just three months, conveys immediacy, alarm, a disposition for action. They write without words, feverishly, one new manifesto after another, without giving any time to doubt. The apocalyptic state of mind that Kreidler transmits i “European Song”, their reference number 27, calls the audience to resistance by means of naked electronics and their idiosyncratic and unclassifiable mixture of genres.

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