JASSS is a sound artist and producer born and raised in Northern Spain. After moving to the Netherlands in 2010 she began to explore electronic music, sound landscapes and edit field recordings, an activity that she would keep expanding in Berlin with the manofacturing of experimental visuals. Her sound production will materialize in 2016 in her two first EPs: ‘Caja Negra’, launched by the American label Anunnaki Cartel, and ‘Mother’, by Mannequin Records. Currently she focuses on experimentation with sound and space, working on several projects that include electroacoustic pieces, live performances and audiovisuals. Recently announced for Unsound’s lineup, at WOS she will be presenting her first full-length, ‘Weightless’ (Ideal, 2017), a work featuring artists such as Pan Daijing and that has been noted by Wire Magazine or Resident Advisor. Her proposal made of broken rhythms, field recordings and visual experimentations is transferred bluntly to the dance floor, and performed in clubs such as Berghain or festivals such as Dekmantel, Mutek or Sónar.

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