From his base in London, Helm (Luke Younger) has come to the fore as a crucial voice in experimental music today. With a palette that draws from electronic music in its broadest sense, Helm’s work is marked by the thrilling unknowns of exploratory sound practices, and loaded with a tearaway’s attitude. Younger’s compositions build dense aural landscapes that incorporate elements of musique concrete and industrial music alongside hallucinatory drones and various acousmatic phenomena. It’s euphoric, narrative-driven music, but it has its despairing qualities. Helm operates the label ALTER, though much of his work has appeared on the highly revered PAN. Younger is a resident DJ on NTS Radio where he has presented his show ‘After Dark’ since 2016. He will be presenting his new album ‘Chemical Flowers’ (Pan, May 2019), for the first time with live visuals by Tatsuya Fujimoto.

Tatsuya Fujimoto is a visual artist from Japan whose work creates the discomfort or rebound of the universal sense through microscope and macro shots. His unique point of view invites you to his extraordinary world, maybe finding the feeling that you have been swallowed by the nature. He has collaborated with Ryo Murakami, Constantine, and Ben Chatwin among others and participated in festivals such as Berlin Atonal, Venice Biannale or Mutek Jp. Fujimoto’s work gives a nuance of ‘normal’ perception and repellence from a personal perspective.


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