Giant Swan is a creature formed by Robin Stewart and Harry Wright. By means of a table covered with machines and pedals, an occasional guitar, and a liberal use of voice manipulation, Giant Swan create a hybrid monster of hypnotic bass, industrial percussion and a disturbing energy transmitted with virtually telepathic powers. Members of Bristol’s Howling Owl collective, their acclaimed ‘Earn’ (FuckPunk, 2016) confirmed them as one of the most exciting electronic proposals of recent years, followed by an EP in 2017 in Timedance and memorable performances in Villette Sonique, Berghain or Unsound. In each one of their live shows the duo gives birth to a raw whirlwind that shudders through various sonic movements that their work at the same time denies and revitalizes, destroying their own twisted vision of techno.

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☰ SATURDAY 15 | 00:15 | SALA CAPITOL ☰