Born in Italy and raised by an unconventional, free-spirited family, Elena Colombi relocated to London and set up a successful series of parties that made her name on the underground scene. Now a respected DJ and radio host on NTS, Elena’s musical style taps into a wide array of influences and inspirations. For her, knowing and feeling music doesn’t mean specialising in one particular genre. Never one to pander to trends, she embraces the best elements of the past and future, paying particular attention to obscure and undiscovered artists. Industrial rhythms, pulsing techno, ambient atmospheres, synthesised sounds, freaky disco, balearic love affairs, proto-house, and more — anything goes and is perfectly balanced in her dynamic sets, whether on radio, in a club, or in her own collection of diverse yet coherent mixes.

Known to many as one of Unsound’s resident DJs, Olivia has been one of the key figures of the Kraków club scene for the past 14 years. Her reputation has steadily amplified over this time thanks to her idiosyncratic track selection and excellent technical skills. Through raw and dark techno, liquid acid, deep cosmic reaches, the simplicity of electro and the warmth of house, her sets shine with originality and a strong belief in the sound she delivers. She draws inspiration from both music and the world around her – from the future shock of Detroit techno, via the distinctive Dutch sound, ebm, industrial, cold wave, acid, electro, synth and house, through to the images and ideals of science fiction and technological progression. The infinity of space, the unfulfilled promises of robot designs and the unexplained mysteries of paranormal phenomena all inform her approach to music and her search for sound. Her debut release SKAWA is out via K-Hole Trax.

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