Coinciding with the publication of Loops 2: A History of Electronic Music in the 21st Century, we address the evolution of electronic music from the perspective of the national scene by the hand of its author, Javier Blánquez. The leap from raves to festivals as an example of their ability to adapt to new consumption habits, the current role of the so-called club culture in the era of social networks and the constant irruption of new currents as a symptom of the cultural story of the new millennium.


Javier Blánquez is one of the highest authorities in electronic music in our country and responsible for the recently reissued Loops 1 – which he coordinated with Omar Morera – and its continuation, Loops 2, an extensive second part of this “Bible of electronic music” which covers, over almost seven hundred pages, the evolution of the genre since the dawn of the 21st century and to the present.

Frankie Pizá is a professional in the field of communication with more than ten years behind different editorial projects such as Concepto Radio (2009-2014), TIUmag (2014-2017) and now YO!FRANKARAPS only on Instagram. He collaborates in media such as PlayGround, Beatburguer, Tentaciones (El País) or Cryptamag and other reference sites. He has led the RBMA program in Spain during its 4 years of existence and is currently part of projects such as Turntables and Red Bull Spain.

Natalia García is a manager and representative of artists. Her professional career with Peacock DJ Agency has remained linked to the promoter La Real Producciones, depository of the legacy of the legendary Oviedo nightclub that programmed the greatest world techno figures in the mid-nineties and whose spirit has been transferred to the programming of large events such as the Aquasella festival.

Rosa Pérez is the director and conductor of Fluido Rosa on Radio 3, a magazine about music and contemporary plastic creation. Pioneer in the use of new technologies, from its origins she maintains a blog that is renewed every week with the contents of each show, featuring creators of national and international visual culture, exhibition spaces, museums, halls, galleries, collectives, etc. She maintains a gallery open to all those who want to participate in it and post their proposals in the ‘Virtual Gallery’.


Abraham Rivera is director and broadcaster of Retromanía on Radio 3, collaborator on Tentaciones de El País and programmer of Electrónica en Abril, one of the unavoidable events to keep abreast of the trends of the contemporary electronic scene.


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