100 Keyboards is a sound performance created by the artist Asuna Arashi. Coming from the Japanese experimental scene, Arashi explores in this work the physical and psychological effects induced by the different depths of sound that form part of the geography of a space.

In 100 Keyboards, a hundred toy keyboards emit suspended notes according to the keys that the artist blocks with small spatulas. The multiple sound waves expand in different directions, creating a complex distribution of acoustic pressures that generates a “moiré” of sonic interference. This symphony or “sonic moiré” translates into a unique auditory experience, specific to the place where it is produced, configured by the result of the difference between the sounds, the space in which they are reproduced, and the movement of the viewer. The immersion in the work reveals subtle acoustic variations that emerge and retract, hypnotic layers of sound and an infinite variation of resonances.

Despite being considered a young talent of sound art and the Japanese avant-garde, the career of Asuna Arashi goes back to the 90s. Pioneer and key figure in the ambient, drone and experimental scene of Tokyo, Arashi has published numerous references in labels from around the world. In recent years his work has focused on the fields of performance and installations, especially those placed on the edge that blurs the division between art and music.

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Photo: Ritsuko Sakata



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