“7 LIMBOS” (2019, Alexandre Cancelo and Berio Molina)

Seven masked person groups travel through different landscapes. They have fossils drawn over their exterior, the presence of an unknown identity. With their movements they hit the ground of the cities and make their structures, their constructions, vibrate, modifying the sound landscape that their inhabitants usually listen to. They silently contemplate the collapse of the ruins while attending the death of the utopian legacy of their creators. They capture wind as they wiggle their bodies, revealing the voices that were separated from the language, the noises that were removed from the objects. 7 Limbos turns to the viewer and invites him: “Come dance with me, don’t bring anything”. 7 Limbos is a sound journey through the glazes of the spectral.

Presented by Alexandre Cancelo, Berio Molina and Miguel Prado.

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