Tracking the organ sound

16: 00-17: 00 / FRIDAY 8 / CGAC


Know the amazing technological legacy of the brothers Portela Seijo, the compostela inventors of Organ Sound. A resonant tube cabinet designed at the end of the sixties, with a power and quality of sound four times superior to that obtained by the current hi-fi equipment. The creative director and engineer Toño Cabanelas and the artist and technologist Miguel Espada will advance the details of the R & D project prior to its official presentation at the end of September. For the occasion, we will have the presence of Yago Portela Gómez, heir of the family business, to bring us the fascinating history of his patent and offer a live demonstration of one of original models.


Yago Portela Gómez (Santiago de Compostela, 1949), son of Juan Portela, pioneer of electronics and sound in Santiago de Compostela and inventor, along with his brother José, the first known tape recorder in the world. Since the age of eight, Yago has lived the evolution of sound as a privileged spectator, starting with the monophonic and passing through HI-FI, stereo, eight tracks, quadraphony, surround sound, to all sources today.

Miguel Espada (Madrid, 1977), co-founder of Espadaysantacruz, a creative studio specializing in new media, interactivity and visual experiences. His works for agencies, producers, companies and cultural organizations explore the possibilities of new forms of communication. Betting firmly on innovation and creativity and getting involved in the entire creative process, from the research stage to the production of the final product, to create works that are alive and have their own personality. –

Toño Cabanelas (Seixo, 1979), sound engineer, multimedia artist and co-founder of Bermuda Land, an audiovisual innovation studio specializing in 360º videos, virtual reality and wearables hacking. He is currently artistic director of the Tek-Fest, an international meeting on emerging technologies in Pontevedra, and combines his work as a teacher at IED Madrid with the organization of various events related to R & D in the cultural and technological sector. – //