Sontag Shogun


Sontag Shogun is a New York/Montreal-based collaborative trio + one that makes hybrid use of analog and digital sonic treatments and nostalgic solo piano compositions. Textures built from organic materials such as sand, rice, slate, boiling water, brush and dried leaves, both produced live in performance and recorded to weathered 1/4″ tape warm up the space between lush piano themes. All of which is abstracted coolly in the reflective digital space of treated vocals, lush field recording captures and a live-processed feed from the piano. Bringing us back, alongside the natural emotive trigger of slowly passing and evolving scents, but to where? The wordless journey there will inevitably be more revealing than the destination itself.

Their forthcoming LP, Patterns For Resonant Space , will be released in July 2017 via Youngbloods (NYC) and on cd in Japan by Ricco Label. Patterns is intimate home-listening style sonic art, created not for over-speculation or analysis, but to be consumed passively on a quiet afternoon. The piano is an upright, and the group comes together in a way that is free and fleeting, yet the tracks contain a deep reserve of nostalgia and longing.