New communication strategies and brand presence in cultural projects

16: 30-18: 00 / WEDNESDAY 6 / CDC


Although the figure of the sponsor is key to the financing of cultural projects, its role is no longer limited to economic investment. Their presence is now measured in terms of interactivity with new technologies, “creating moments”, establishing emotional ties with their audience and encouraging the emergence of new formats and alternative activities that contribute to the diversification of the cultural offer. We will analyze the technological paradigm shift, starting from successful initiatives of the implementation of new media in its marketing and communication strategy.


Víctor Flores (Pontevedra, 1980),  graduated in Journalism by the University of Santiago de Compostela, was a programmer and DJ at the Vademecwm club, the founder of the SINSALaudio Collective and the Sinsal Festival, and collaborator in various musical and cultural publications. During the last ten years he has been responsible for communication and director of the Culture area of ​​Red Bull Spain.

Víctor Mantiñán (Ginebra, 1979), Product Manager of 1906 and SON Estrella Galicia in Hijos de Rivera SAU and has a Postgraduate in Marketing and bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and Musicology. He has combined several works in areas such as marketing and communication, working for large clients and for international agencies, specializing in strategy and branding always linked to the musical activity.


Cristina Costa Acha (Vilanova de Arousa, 1979), teacher at Vigo’s Escuela Superior de Marketing and director of marketing at Bodegas Marqués de Vizhoja.