Camille Hèdouin is an artisan of sound. Born in France, but Galician by adoption, since the age of 15 she has participated with her voice in jazz, electronic and folk bands. It was in Galicia where she started playing with loops and samplers until she became the artist she is today. Her compositions are a collage of textures, shapes and colors that result in the sound landscapes of MounQup. She composes in the absolute solitude of her house in the middle of the mountain of A Bola (Celanova), surrounded by her family and experimenting with materials that she finds in her surroundings. It is in the live shows where everything makes sense. Departing from a cold and arid terrainm sound jungles are created adding multiple elements that lead to a sensorial ecstasy. Few artists represent so well the mixture of cultures, the commitment to them through influences ranging from the African rhythms to the Nordic but risky experimentation.