Meeting with Robert Henke

18:15-19:45 / THURSDAY 7 / CDC


The name of Robert Henke (Berlin, 1969) will forever be linked to the flourishing of the techno scene in Germany in the mid-nineties. Together with his partner Gerhard Behles laid the groundwork for a minimalist sound, inspired by the dub and ambient, which later popularized the stamps Kompakt and Basic Channel. But the real impact worldwide was achieved thanks to the software they designed to play live: Ableton Live, called to become one of the most revolutionary tools in the history of electronic music.

His presence at the festival will allow us to deepen his dual perspective, as a musician and technological developer, which led him to embark on his most ambitious project to date: Lumière, a show halfway between electronic live and light experience, where High-capacity lasers are freely drawing all sorts of shapes in sync with the sound. –


Jose Manuel Costa (Madrid, 1949) is curator and critic of visual and sound arts. He has worked as a pop and contemporary culture critic in El Pais, La Luna in Madrid and ABC, where he co-founded his legendary Suplemento de Artes. After some time as correspondent of that newspaper in Berlin and London, returned to Madrid like head of Cultures of the newspaper Público. He then went on to RNE, first with the Vía Límite program and currently with Retromanía. In his spare time, he organizes exhibitions and events such as ARTe SONoro, ECO, Thomas Ruff, etc.