Meeting with Nite Jewel


Ramona González is the name of the woman that, since 2008, stands behind the act Nite Jewel. Born in Los Angeles, and graduated in Philosophy, she started out creating songs on a portable eight-track cassette recorder, to release in 2009 her first album “Good Evening”. Within a year, she was touring the world, and not much longer started her own label, Gloriette, to release her own works. With everything from expansive, futuristic balladry to gauzy dance-floor hits, Nite Jewel’s fourth full length, Real High (May 2017), acts as her most focused and bold effort yet. Featuring contributions from long-time collaborators such as Dâm-Funk, Droop-E, and Julia Holter, the timeless production, unique voice, and pristine song-craft of the album create an irresistible combination that developes this feminine inner dialogue to reflect the increasing challenges of hyper-modern society, in particular with respect to selfhood. Nite Jewel has quoted English electronic music duo Autechre as one of her major musical influences. She is also a multimedia artist that performs sound and video installations in the L.A. area.