Hordes, tyrans and beasts: the new margins of dissidence

16: 00-17: 30 / SATURDAY 9 / CGAC


We live apocalyptic times in which a number of independent publishers devote their efforts to the making and propagation of dissent artifacts, presenting themselves as secret societies and subversive entities. In the present talk we will speculate on the importance of generating new mythologies, inventing unusual forms of activism and amplifying the message of the current avant-garde philosophical schools.


Francisco Jota-Pérez (Barcelona, ​​1979) is a writer and screenwriter. His experimental approach to fantasy literature has led him to explore the limits of genre with Tríptico Linde (2011-2013), Aceldama (2014), Paisaje de las dehesas de invierno (2015) and Polybius (2016). In his facet as a screenwriter, he has signed the graphic novels La Memoria Invisible (2009) and Antígenos de Gaia (2011), as well as the short film Nuestra Amiga la Luna (with the filmmaker César Velasco Broca, nominated to Best Essay at Ignotus Prize for Homo Tenuis (2017).


Servando Rocha (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 1975). Editor, writer and visible face of La Felguera Editores. Specialist of the counter-cultural movements, has extended to authors Hakim Bey or Alan Moore, William Burroughs and Aleister Crowley. Among his bibliography stand out titles such as La Facción Caníbal. Historia del Vandalismo Ilustrado (2012), Nada es verdad, todo está permitido: el día que Kurt Cobain conoció a William Burroughs (2014), El Ejército Negro (2015) and La horda.Una revolución mágica (2017).

Elisa McCausland (Madrid, 1983) is a journalist, critic and researcher specializing in popular culture. Author of Wonder Woman: El feminismo como superpoder (2017).. She has reflected on culture, image and feminism in radio spots as well as critical essays and the written press. Promoter of the Collective of Authors of Comic and member of the Association of Critics and Disclosers of Comic. Commissioner of the exhibition “Presentes: Autoras de tebeo de ayer y hoy”.
Frank G. Rubio (Madrid, 1956). Author, among other works, of El libro de Satán (in collaboration with Carlos Aguilar) and Protocolos para un apocalipsis (2010) with Enrique Freire; As well as the anthology Trece para el Diablo and numerous articles and reviews on film and fantastic literature for various publications such as Quatermass, Prótesis or Mondo Brutto. As a specialist in esotericism and Conspiracy Theory, he has compiled and prologged the anthologies of essays by Aleister Crowley El continente perdido and El Libro de las Mentiras.

Alberto Ávila-Salazar (Madrid, 1975). Winner of the IX Prize of Young Art of the Community of Madrid by the novel All that is seen (Lengua de Trapo), is also author of What the gods say (2015), and has participated in several collective essays as Cuadernos del abismo. Homenaje a H.P. Lovecraft (2008), or De Galatea a Barbie, Autómatas, robots y otras figuras de la construción feminina (2010).