Demdike Stare



Demdike Stare is a collaboration between Sean Canty and Miles Whittaker, two childhood friends from the North of England with voracious appetites for record collecting. After years spent mining vinyl bins, the pair started working in 2008, and within four years they had produced a trio of albums. Then, an ongoing series of exploratory 12″s released on Modern Love brought together a more intense, brutal terrain, inspired by everything from Industrial music to Noise, Free Jazz to House, Techno and Concrète. Now, a few months ago they have surprise released their 4th album, shaking off the occult themes and further extending their own mutated forms of dancefloor rhythms. In the last year Demdike have embarked in projects such as live-scoring films for the British Film Insitute, soundtrack work in Hollywood, collaborations with video artist Michael England, esoteric selections of their all-night DJ sessions, and searing late night club sets anyone lucky enough to have seen them play will no doubt have imprinted on their minds.