Galician artist Belén Vidal has been collecting fascinated reviews which surrender to her work since her first album. In her second LP Kwalia, released in her own label Arkestra, BFlecha has taken her time to explore successfully new vocal registers and, more over, polish and develope a sound of her own that it’s already unmistakable, an unique and diverse mental landscape that will bring us through ambients equally close to R&B, contemporary hip-hop, digital avantgarde or even traditional music echoes – all of them far from cliches and established formulas. Jorge Luis Borges, Val del Omar or María Zambrano’s works share a space with Kurosawa’s cinema or  Leonard Susskind’s quantic theories: beautiful, direct and simple, yet elaborated and full of passages and structures as entangled as her songs, Kwalia offers, beyond it all, an intimate trip within ourselves. BFlecha is called to open a new cycle in urban music in Spanish, just at the right moment it was most needed. Open your mind and enjoy the ascent.